Stayed up way too late watching The Batman last night. Was pretty good. 🍿

Question do other mb users browse by sites (for instance or do y’all just use the timeline for the most part?


I’m going to this! 📅

Quick test.

Played 🎮 a bit more of Solasta, it’s pretty fun.

I wonder if I can crowdfund my subscription 💸 I know it’s not much but it things are tight. “Please like and subscribe” lol.

Looks like webmentions are still working and look pretty good to boot.

Screenshot of webmentions appearing below a blog post

Testing to see if my shortcode still works

On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life Through Great Books - Karen Swallow Prior

Setting up my new machine, got a Dell XPS 8940. Hopefully it lasts as long as my previous one. 👨‍💻

My little one gave me a copy of Wings of Fire so it looks like I’ll be reading that soon. She’s almost done with the first book in the series so I have some catching up to do.

Oldschool chatting over on MRC. Going all the way back to the BBS era.

Yay! New computer is going to arrive early so it’ll be in the house tomorrow instead of the end of the week

Testing the Android app.

Should I come back to! I think maybe so

Think I lost my ear buds (or left them on my desk at home) either way result is the same… A bus ride home with no music. :(

Went back and did some more work on my SDL2 code added some indie style screen shake. Still isn’t very pretty … programmer art and all that. 👨🏼‍💻🎮

Recently heard someone say that the end of 3rd party cookies will drive the end of the “open web” via sites moving everything behind logins. I don’t think that will be the case at all. 👨‍💻

Oh no! Only one?!? Now I need to figure out which device it will look best on! Thanks M.b!

I think I might turn of my subscription renewal. I’m just not using M.b enough and it’s kinda unstable at times. Suppose I could spin off a micro section on one of my other sites lol. Then I’d have to deal with RSS update issues and stuff. 👨🏻‍💻

Went to PDX prom was a grand old time.

Though now it seems to be working. Anyway I should get bed I guess. 😴💤

Maybe some sort of wierd caching thing. I know others have complained about post not appearing.


Is it me or are RSS feeds not making it into the timeline anymore? Only my M.b one seems to appear. And I totally wrote a post today on my current SDL2 test project. Only 11 more releases to go!