Testing don’t mind me.

Picked up some Persona/SMT 3DS games over the shopping weekend. Think I’m going to play Persona Q for a bit. 🎮

I am so far behind on my reading goal for this year. Didn’t even set the goal that high… At 12 that’s just one a month but I’m a 4 so far. Time to bust out some short stories lol. 📚

I’ve found lately that any time I’m in my car alone I’ll leave the radio off and just kind of clear my head. It has been nice change of pace. 🧠

It’s horrible that I missed all of Microblogvember.

Dilophosaurus preparing to fly out of MCO.

Listening to some Monotrail while drifting off to sleep…zzz 🎵

Did some relaxing this evening. Catching a plane back to PDX tomorrow.  

Oh well, looks like the cell phone photo is rotated, I could rotate via CSS but it messes up the flow of posts. Suppose I could look into that later.

Decided I’d swing back around and give micro.blog another look. Missed most of Microblogvember though.

Wonder how robust the api is. Could probably hack something together.

Busing it to work. Too bad there is no micro.blog Android app yet.

Checking out micro.blog.