Think I lost my ear buds (or left them on my desk at home) either way result is the same… A bus ride home with no music. :(

Went back and did some more work on my SDL2 code added some indie style screen shake. Still isn’t very pretty … programmer art and all that. 👨🏼‍💻🎮

Recently heard someone say that the end of 3rd party cookies will drive the end of the “open web” via sites moving everything behind logins. I don’t think that will be the case at all. 👨‍💻

Oh no! Only one?!? Now I need to figure out which device it will look best on! Thanks M.b!

I think I might turn of my subscription renewal. I’m just not using M.b enough and it’s kinda unstable at times. Suppose I could spin off a micro section on one of my other sites lol. Then I’d have to deal with RSS update issues and stuff. 👨🏻‍💻

Went to PDX prom was a grand old time.

Though now it seems to be working. Anyway I should get bed I guess. 😴💤

Maybe some sort of wierd caching thing. I know others have complained about post not appearing.


Is it me or are RSS feeds not making it into the timeline anymore? Only my M.b one seems to appear. And I totally wrote a post today on my current SDL2 test project. Only 11 more releases to go!


Got that fever once again. Currently testing my MacOS build system, build completes and is released to @itchio as expected! Someone out there with a Mac download it and let me know if it runs on a system other than my own.… #sdl2 #indiedev

Had an incredibly rough day. Hope everyone else’s was alright.

I do wish sometimes that the timeline rememebered where I was.

Managed to get a background rendering with a small object on top. Was able to add some controls and a basic camera. 🎮

Mirror Reaper is just about over so it’s time for bed I think. 🎵

It’s that time of year when I start thinking about building a smallish game. 🎮 Guess I should start messing about with SDL2 again.

There has been a little chatter about comics so just in case anyone is intrested… Humble Bundle has a Spawn collection up now. 📚


The vvvvery great VVVVVV is now open source. 👨‍💻 Think I’ll take a look at the source for a little bit.

Played through the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon demo last night. Was over way too soon.

indieauth is great until you have multiple domains you want to use it will. 😒

Ungh. Too tired to work on anything extra tonight. Maybe this weekeend. 😴

Ungh I really need to start eating better. 🤢

Think I might be done with On Reading Well. It’s a bit to preachy for me. Or at least put it down for a bit, I might come back to it. 📚

Working on cleaning up the webmentions.js script I’m using. I may just rewrite a bit of it, maybe I should actually read through the spec. 👨🏼‍💻

Dracula "Box Art" Watched the first episode of Dracula, was little corny but might be worth watching the rest I suppose.